Next month, I am taking the PFT-Physical Fitness Test, part of the process.

For the Marines, it consists of the maximum sittups done in 2 minutes, maximum pullups or chinups done in one set (no touching ground, that is) and a timed 3 mile run.  You can get a max 100 points in the 3 categories, and must score a combined 225 to pass, and be classified as “1st class.” gives a handy online calculator to see where you’re at in your training!  Yesterday was a big day for me because I got up to 14 pullups for the first time.  I’m happy because in my estimation, that puts me about the 260 mark, which is solid improvement over a month or two ago.  (Assuming max crunches and a 19:25 run, which I have done)

Just so you realize, there is no cutting corners on any of these events!  Just look at all the rules about pull-ups on this page!


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