First PT Run (back from injury)

“PT” in my title means Post Tendinitis, which I had this summer from boxing, which involves lots of bouncing and cardio work with jump ropes. So I ran 2 miles last week just fine.

Then got a little lazy.

Haven’t run since. Til today. I was fed up with my lethargy. Well sorta, I have been working my legs alot just not running per se. I actually hate running to be honest. So I needed to run. So today, with only 2 miles under my belt since healing from August’s tendinitis, I decided to go for a timed three mile run, the third leg of the PFT.

And I did it in 19:38! So I am very happy.
That is a solid 90 out of 100 possible points.Definitely a good first run in awhile!

Working on your PFT run? For me, the hardest part is stomach cramps. If you have the same problem I recommend this article. How to Avoid Stomach Cramps When Running

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