Physical Fitness Test Success

This morning a staff sergeant came to my college to give the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) to 4 other candidates and myself.  Three passed, two failed.  I had the second highest score–passing of course!  First Class PFT, check! 300 is a perfect score, 225 is a passing score.  The PFT consists of three events:

First event: Pullups

I did 15 pullups, second most.  One kid did 18!  A perfect score (100 points) is 20.  I could have done a few more, but inadvertently was pulling myself too high each time, making them a bit harder.  Some guys didn’t know you can do it palms-in or out.  I prefer out, personally.  You have to get your chin to the bar, and I was getting my chest up, with my whole neck above the bar. It was a manly way to start the day, let me tell you–all 5 of us candidates were yelling and cheering on each guy to motivate whoever was doing the pullups at the time.  

15 pullups: 75 points.


Second event: Crunches

After a minute to relax, the sergeant showed us how to do Marine Corps crunches.  You can learn how to do them here: PFT Link.  The staff sergeant said when he did them, he got 90 out of the 100 in his first 90 seconds.  You get a full two minutes, and i’ve been working my abs alot so I wasn’t worried about scoring less than perfect.  

100 crunches: 100 points.


Third event: Three mile run

Last was a three mile run, for most guys the hardest event.  A perfect score is 18 minutes total!  My first mile was at  6:20 pace, my second at a 6:00 pace, and half-way through my third one I started feeling very nauseated and got a terrible stitch in my side.  I’ve never had a stitch like that before, it felt like i couldn’t breathe!  So I stopped running, walked a bit, stopped, then I bent over and took some very deep breaths.  It went away instantly and up I popped and kept going–I accidentally miscounted my laps so I ran two extra laps!  The Staff Sergeant knew I had finished already but let me go.  On these last two “bonus” laps, I sprinted very hard, then continued sprinting straight to the garbage can. I threw up a couple times from the exertion.  To be honest, I was pretty proud of puking and it impressed the Marine who said, “That means you left 100% on the track.”

19:39 three-mile run: 91 points.

Goal: 265 points, Achieved: 266 points.  Pass!


Some good links to other PFT-related sites are here on Wikipedia and here on the Semper Fidelis Society.


2 comments on “Physical Fitness Test Success

  1. Nitro Thor says:

    So are you going to OCS or what?

  2. manlypat says:

    I will know in May, when my application gets returned by the board. I want to go to OCS in October 2009.

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