Nearing the End of My Application Process

I now live and work in Washington, DC.

At the end of the month, I head to Pensacola, Florida for some last flight-related physicals.  I am told not to worry about them, but I’ll update the blog to explain what I go through.

For now, my old Pittsburgh OSO is putting me in touch with the DC officer recruiting team to have me run some PFTs to try to get my score up.  Yeah!

3 comments on “Nearing the End of My Application Process

  1. 0ptomist says:

    So it sounds like you’re just waiting for your package to go up for the boards. I’m hearing so much conflicting stories on when boards are meeting and the number of slots available.

  2. Dan says:

    It looks like you might be interested in aviation. How do you feel about the whole selection process? For example, if you’re going for a fighter slot, are you concerned or do you care at all about possibly getting stuck as a transporation pilot or something else you may not have wanted? Do you think the competition is less than that in the USAF or NAVY directly? And, could you vouch for a fighter slot, but if you don’t get it, resort to something in Ground, or do you have to commit to one path only?

  3. Candidate says:

    Well you couldn’t go ground if you didn’t get fighters, unfortunately.
    At OCS, it’s decided if you’ll be a Marine officer. At TBS you’ll go air or to a specific ground MOS. (If you go in with an aviation contract it’s still possible at TBS to switch to ground.) After TBS is flight school(s) in Pensacola FL and beyond and it’s throughout those schools that the specific fixed wing/rotary division is set. And then to your final equipment.
    I don’t know about competition compared to the Navy or Air Force, but you do have a better chance of getting something “cool” in the Marines in my opinion–fewer transports and refuelers and such type relative to combat vehicles. I want to fly helicopters but come on, to not get my pick and to be “stuck” in a JSF would be awesome too.
    So I’m not picky, but I am going air.
    feel me?

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