PFT Bigger Success!

Hooray! My goal was a 275, but I got a 282 on my PFT, hopefully putting me over the top to getting into OCC-202!

Did the PFT about 0600, and the cooler temperatures definitely helped on the run portion.  I would encourage any other candidates that you can retake PFTs and apply higher scores to your application package.  Good stuff!


pft crunches

My PFT crunches, okay not really

Pull-ups: 19
Crunches: 100
Run: 21:20


Pull-ups: 20
Crunches: 100
Run: 20:58


2 comments on “PFT Bigger Success!

  1. 0ptomist says:

    Good sh*t. I would have to agree that higher temperatures slow down your run. Took another PFT a few days ago and my run time dropped 47 sec because it was about 90 degrees outside. Felt like I was running in an oven!

  2. Alexander Smith says:


    I posted on another part of your blog – I’m the guy that just got medically discharged from OCS. Anyway, just thought I’d encourage you to work on your run – I did a 21:53 on my pre-ship and I was not ready for the runs @ OCS at all. To be safe, I’d say that you’d want to be in the 6:30 – 6:00 min/mile range before you go.

    I can handle a 7:30 min/mile pace (the pace that the pre-ship PFT guide on the OCS website works you up to) for 3 miles, and I was the second slowest in my platoon. You will be expected to handle whatever pace they set for you while running on dirt roads with fairly significant hills, not flat ground like I’m assuming you ran your PFT on. Running in hilly terrain takes a whole different set of muscles!

    Anyway, just a word of advice – believe me, you only want to do OCS once, so do whatever it takes to do it right the first time!

    Alex Smith

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