Thanks to all who have shown support, to those who read and follow the blog, and to all of you who have found me and who I’ve been in contact with. I will see many of you soon, and I wouldn’t do this blog if I didn’t think it would help others.

Thanks to everyone

Thanks to everyone


2 comments on “Thanks

  1. Lyndie says:

    Thank u fir trying helping us

  2. Jerad says:

    This blog is exactly what the dr. ordered. Thank you. I’m a college junior now and will be contacting you again soon, simply because all I can think about is being the best USMC pilot possible. Thats my goal, I have the pilot thing down already, just need to accomplish the Marine part now. So, before I go back to reading a statistics book for a final, I want to ask if you would go ahead and start thinking about things that could benefit me in that aspect; Getting MOS 7599.
    Thanks a million,

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