Academics Update

OCS Curriculum: Selected Chapters

[Please see the update of this page, on the new OCS blog]

For all you super-motivated candidates who would actually like to study ahead of time before hitting the beaches at OCS, here is an excellent opportunity to actually get access to some of the curriculum you will be learning and tested on while there.

One of the OSOs put chapters out of the OCS student outlines; the actual curriculum online to help candidates study.  The below are links to the chapters themselves.

Selected chapters of OCS Knowledge

OCS Classroom

Death By Powerpoint

History 1-3 (pdf)

Op Order (pdf)

Close Order Drill (pdf)

Intro to Leadership (pdf)

Fundamentals of Leadership (pdf)

Land Navigation (pdf)

Weapons (pdf)

I highly recommend reading and studying these in preparing for the academics at Officer Candidate School.  Good luck!

5 comments on “Academics Update

  1. Dan says:

    Thank you, Sir. This is awesome. Thanks again for helping those who follow in your footsteps!


  2. Joe says:

    This is great information. Do you know if the rest of the manual is available online anywhere? Thanks.

  3. Yes, sorry it is not available anywhere! These were scanned in by hand and who knows who has the original files…it is given in book form to Candidates.

    Watch ebay for the manuals, they sometimes come up for sale.

  4. Yasmin says:

    I am a female and i am really interested to join the OCS after i graduate from college. CAn you tell me what sort of differences there are between male and female candidate?

  5. Hi Yasmin,
    First please read my new Q&A blog page at
    and use that for questions in the future.

    There are a few female-specific questions in the comments on there already.

    Please subscribe to the new site,, I am preparing some female-specific posts to be put up on the blog soon. They will be emailed to you once you become a subscriber–and I will NOT spam you or sell your address; it’s all automated.

    -The Lieutenant

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