Beginning my search online

First off, I will shamelessly link to some more comprehensive sites where a Marine hopeful can find a wealth of generic information.  Obviously I hope my story will inform well, but I don’t intend to clearly spell out each and every step it takes.  That stuff is available elsewhere, and it’s not personal but it is boring.  

A great site to begin one’s search is, which is the website of the recruiter I’ve been working with, Major Wolf.

He is out of the OSS (Officer Selection Service) of Pittsburgh.  For each state or geographic area (portion of a state) there is a USMC OSS to recruit specifically for officers.

I’m copying straight from his site some portions that apply to my plan:


Officers Candidate Course

Officer Candidate Class (OCC) is designed specifically for college seniors and graduates with ambitions to become a Marine Corps officer. Candidates in this program attend a ten-week course at Officer Candidates School (OCS) in Quantico, Virginia. Those who graduate from OCS are offered a commission as a Marine officer, and those who accept are immediately assigned to active service and begin attending The Basic School.


Pay and Benefits

Candidate Status:

  • Approximately $ 4,530.00 for ten week course
  • Best summer leadership internship in existence.
  • No obligation to serve in the military after training. You decide.

Marine Officer Status:

  • Your salary as a Second Lieutenant will exceed $ 43,000.00 per year with pay increases annually.
    If you start PLC as a freshman your annual salary will be over $49,000 annualy
  • Full medical and dental coverage for you and your family
  • 30 days’ paid vacation annually
  • 100% Tuition paid for any further education you take on active duty
  • Post-graduate educational opportunities
  • Retirement after 20 years of active service
  • Adventure and daily professional challenge
  • Transferable and marketable skills. Inc. Magazine has described Marine Corps officer training as
    “the best management training in the world.”
  • Unmatched camaraderie, pride, and esprit de corps